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About the MACC

Singing in amateur choirs continues to be extraordinarily popular across the country. There are many choirs located across the North West region alone, ranging in size from small harmony ensembles to full-scale, semi-professional choirs such as the Halle. There also exist many local music festivals in which there is sometimes a choral element.

However, with the exception of the (national) bi-annual BBC 'Choir of the Year' competition, there aren't many local or regional competitions for amateur choirs.

Now in its second decade, the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition seeks to readdress this imbalance by establishing an annual competition in which choirs from across and beyond the region are invited to compete in a spirit of creativity and community.

The competition is not solely focused on the winning choir - simply the satisfaction of having sung to a high standard and had an opportunity to experience and enjoy the diversity of performance from other amateur choirs.

The MACC offers:

Live judging from experts in choral performance

The opportunity to hear other inspirational choirs and get new performance ideas and tips

An ideal opportunity for singers of all ages and ability

The chance to perform at a prestigious UK concert venue

Opportunities for local and national publicity

Open to any numbers (from 12 to 100)

All styles and types of music permitted

Goals of the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition

The MACC will:

Provide a safe and creative outlet for individual and collective musical ability

Encourage and promote diversity through the various community choirs taking part and the music performed

Encourage more members of the public to participate in choral singing
Provide a focus for community engagement in the arts within and without the region

Promote the furtherance of individual and collective musical ability

Highlight and nurture the talent that exists outside the professional musical world

Encourage a professional approach to challenge and endeavour by providing a showcasing opportunity for choirs

Highlight Manchester’s continuing energetic role in the encouragement of the arts and as a supporter of community initiatives

Encourage members of the public to experience choral music in public settings

Provide excellent publicity for both the music-making of amateur choirs but also for all those associated with the competition on the form of funders and sponsors

Encourage and support cross-cultural and community networking