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Competing Choirs

Below are the performance times of the choirs who are taking part in the 2020 competition. Please note that times could be subject to change.

11.15 Great Yorkshire Chorus

11.30 Valley Aloud Community Choir

11.45 Manchester Contemporary Youth Choir

12.00 Sing It Loud Community Choir

12.15 Chanteuse Chamber Choir

13.30 Surrey Hills Chamber Choir

13.45 Sempre Amabile Women's Choir

14.00 Ignite UK Chorus

14.15 Amabile

14.30 Edinburgh Police Choir

15.00 Prima Vocal Ensemble

15.15 Lodge Moor Children's Choir

15.30 Haraya Choir

15.45 Rainbow Connection

16.00 Bristol Show Choir

16.15 Endeavour Chorus

16.45: MACC 2019 Winners Meantime Chorus

17.00 Results