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The registration period for the 2023 MACC is now open

Entry Criteria for the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition

Choirs wishing to enter the competition are required to complete the registration form provided. This registration form contains full administrative details and expectations of the MACC. To download the MACC registration form, please go to the end of this page once the registration period opens. The application period will end on 31st October 2022. Successful choirs will be informed in early November 2022.

For all choirs selected for the 2023 competition, there will be an administration fee of £150 charged per choir. This is due to venue hire costs and other overheads. The MACC is a not for profit organisation and all funds are re-invested in the event. Payment can be made via post/cheque or via BACS payment. Details are on the MACC registration form.

Below are the various criteria that are required for entry into the competition

The choir must consist of 12 persons or above and up to 100.

The choir must meet and rehearse on a regular basis

The choir must be constituted in some way (ie. an organisational structure which includes a committee of officers or teachers and a definition of the role of members/singers)

Although the choir may be paid collectively for musical engagements, no individual members of the choir shall be paid on a regular basis for their musical services or be professional singers in their own right

Each choir's performance in the competition can be accompanied or a cappella. A piano is usually supplied but any other instruments and/or portable power supply must be provided by the choir

There are no geographical limits within the UK pertaining to eligibility of entry. In essence, the 'Manchester' aspect of the competition is only in relation to where the competition is centered upon.

The MACC will be open to all choirs and singing groups from any musical background.

The Competition Process

Each choir entering the competition will be required to rehearse and perform songs from their repertoire (enough to fill their timed performance slot), the style of which can be any that suits their abilities and tastes - maybe songs from musicals, songs from the charts or world music etc.

Choirs will be judged on the following criteria: Harmony, Musical difficulty, Intonation, Clarity of text, Discipline, Musicality, Presentation, 'Wow factor'.